Connor 15 Months

Happy New Year!  I have been reflecting on the past year and all the moments of joy and love we have been blessed with and I am overwhelmed.  2013 was a fun year and I can't wait to see what 2014 has to offer.

Connor is 15 months and growing by the day!  At his check up he weighed 26 pounds 4 ounces (75%) was 30 3/4  inches tall (50%).  The pediatrician we have seen ever since Connor was born moved to a different office closer to his house so we saw a new (to us) pediatrician and I loved her!  She answered all my questions before I could ask them and thoroughly explained everything she recommended.  As a P.T. I truly appreciated the information and find it interesting!  One really interesting tidbit I learned is that whole milk is not only important for the Vitamin D and calcium but also to help complete the development of the central nervous system.

Connor is a full blown walker now!  He was a little late to the party but hasn't looked back.  Once he realized that his balance was good enough to keep him from falling he was a baby on the move.  The little bit of baby proofing we had been putting off is now complete.  He is very curious about his surroundings and everything he sees.  When he wants something or wants to go somewhere he points and makes a cute little sound.  Most of the time he is pointing outside which is his favorite place to be!  Thankfully we live in Texas and not Minnesota!  He LOVES looking out windows and usually bangs the blinds on the window until I pull them up so he can see outside.

Eating is still a challenge for us.  Connor does not like meats, veggies, cheese or most fruits.  I think it is a texture thing and I have been told to just keep offering them and he will eventually eat them. Until that time his diet is mostly carbs: graham crackers, peanut putter crackers, blueberries, grapes, cereal bars and yogurt.  At 15 months Connor was still nursing once a day (in the morning) but at 15 1/2 months we cut out this feeding are done with breastfeeding.  Honestly it is bitter sweet.  It's nice to be done but I do miss my snuggle time with Connor.  15 months is long enough right?

Happy 15 months!

Connor 14 months and Christmas!

14 month pictures!