Connor is 10 months

There is no way Connor will be ONE in 2 months, no way.  Some days I think I still have "a little baby" and then look at him and realize he is turning into a little boy before our eyes.  His 10th month was quite eventful.  Connor started crawling, pulling up on furniture and started eating a lot more different types of food.

Connor nurses or drinks a bottle of breast milk 5 times a day and eats food 3 times a day.  In addition to pureed fruits and veggies he is eating small pieces of chicken, turkey and whatever else we happen to be eating for dinner.  Even though he only has 3 teeth so far he does a great job "chewing" with his gums! Ha!

Anthony and I took a trip to Colorado over the 4th of July with some good friends (blog post to come) and Connor stayed with my parents, Grammy and Pops, for 5 days!  He had a great time and so did we!  I think 5 days was a little too long to be away from him for the first time but I knew he was in good hands.   I had pumped and frozen enough milk to give Connor while we were away and had to "pump and dump" while we were in Colorado.   While at summer camp Connor started moving himself from his tummy to sitting up independently!

Over the next few weeks he started army crawling and pulling up on furniture and now that is all he wants to do!  He moves around his room and playroom with purpose and finds every non-baby friendly item in each room!  He is intrigued by things that are not toys such as the computer cords, remote controls and my cell phone.  He gets so frustrated when I scoop him up right before grabs the off limit item!  He loves playing with a toy for a few minutes then waves it around before handing it to me and saying something very profound (I'm sure) in baby talk and then moves on to the next toy.  He also is loving Maddie more and more.  He loves to crawl toward her and sometime on her and really loves to pull her hair.  Maddie is quite tolerate of Connor but usually keeps her distance, which is what we have trained her to do since he was a newborn.  She loves to watch him play across the room and always sits below his high chair waiting for treats.

Anthony keeps wanting to plan Connor's 1st birthday but I just can't accept that fact that he will be ONE in 2 months so I am putting off any party planning.  Wasn't I just pregnant a few months ago?

Here are the latest pictures of our little man.