My first blog

After a lot of procrastination I have decided to start a blog! I have always thought that I wasn't interesting enough to blog about my life but maybe that doesn't matter. Anthony and I are in the process of moving to The Woodlands, TX and I figured this was as good of time as any.

Anthony was offered a great job with Talisman Energy and moved to The Woodlands about a month ago and I will be joining him in June after our trip to Hawaii. We sold our house in Edmond after only 12 days on the market and have a contract on a new house in the Woodlands. I already have a job in place as a home health physical therapist and will start mid-June. We are very sad to be leaving all our great friends and family in Oklahoma City but are excited about the adventure of moving to a whole new BIG city! (Who knew Houston was the 4th largest city in the US?!?!) I am looking forward to all the new restaurants, amazing grocery stores, shopping and cultural activities in Houston.

So far Anthony is LOVING his new job and has spent most weekends exploring the city, training for his 70.3 Ironman triathlon and house hunting. This week he is hosting a professional triathlete from Switzerland, who is in town for the full Ironman triathlon this weekend, at his apartment. In true Anthony style he is making friends everywhere he goes including the lap pool at the YMCA where he met Cecile, his new swimming buddy from South Africa.

I hope that this blog will let our friends and family keep up with us as we explore Houston and live as TEXANS! (I have always been a Texan at heart despite the last 10 years I spent as an Okie).