So obviously I am not a consistent blogger but I am hoping that once the baby arrives I will be better so that I can keep family and friends updated on our lives.  I get asked a lot "how do you feel?"  How is the pregnancy going?" Thankfully it has been quite uneventful so I don't have much of an answer for people, but I do have a lot of thoughts on my pregnancy in general.

1. I feel so thankful and blessed that I am able to have a healthy and uneventful pregnancy and I wouldn't trade it for anything.
2.  I think people who say "I love being pregnant!" are either A. Lying or B. totally and completely crazy!  I mean seriously how can you love weighing 20+ extra pounds?  It just makes life so much harder!
3.  While sitting put a big beach ball in your lap then try to bend over to tie your shoe.  Thats hard you say?  yes, indeed it is!  Welcome to the world of pregnancy!
4.   Some nights I almost want to cry when I think "all i want to do is lay on my stomach."
5.  Waking up multiple times a night to pee is exhausting... maybe it is just getting me ready for what's to come.
6.  Walking is a fantastic means of exercise!  Coming from a girl who has gone running 5 days a week for the last 5 years... walking is so much fun! and relaxing! and enjoyable!  Don't get me wrong I am itching to start running again but I have definitely enjoyed my nightly walks with Maddie (our pooch).
7.  When someone tells you that they don't know the gender of their baby please just believe them and don't say "Oh, you are keeping it a secret!!"  I truly don't know and I won't know until that baby enters the world!

I really feel pretty normal most of the time and have yet to have any swelling or stretch marks but I think I have had a few light Braxton Hicks contractions.  I still have 5 long weeks to go so I'll just cross my fingers for the best.  Since about 15 weeks I have had some pretty killer thoracic back pains and now my low back in beginning to hurt if I am up on my feet a lot.  I have not had any weird cravings but I do crave everything I craved prior to pregnancy but now I indulge in those cravings.... ice cream, donut holes, any and all types of candy, pretty much any dessert.  In the 1st trimester I wanted to (and did) eat a Chick-fil-a sandwich and huge cup of lemonade almost every single day for lunch.

The nursery is almost done!!  I am just waiting to add one more thing and then I will post the pictures!  My mom and sister were here a few weeks ago helping us get it all together and add the finishing touches.  They were SO much help and I just love how it has turned out.  I can't help but smile every time I walk into the nursery.  All we need is a baby and we will be set =)

Here are some pictures from the past couple months.

35 weeks

32 weeks
Jason Marz concert

31 weeks

29 weeks