Connor 13 months

13 months.  Connor is over a year old.  It's still hard to believe.  He is growing up so fast and I am so thankful that I have captured a lot of his milestones and memories on this blog so I will always have them!

This past month we have been busy!  From Connor's birthday party in Dallas to spending a weekend in OKC with family and friends we were on the move!  We bought Connor a new "big boy" car seat because we thought having him facing forward would help during the long car rides.  I think that he enjoyed watching the road but he was not able to get comfortable while sleeping and our plan totally backfired.  Honestly, listening to a baby cry in the backseat while on a road trip should be considered torture.  Needless to say we made several stops along the road to get just get some fresh air and regroup.  While on the topic of car seats. I absolutely LOVED our infant car seat.... Chicco Key Fit 30.   Connor is close to 25 pounds and still fits very comfortably in the seat!  Any Mammas out there looking for a infant carrier... This is an excellent choice!

Connor is a very cautious child.  I'm not quite sure where he got that from but I think it is very cute.  I think this is why is hasn't taken more than a couple steps in a row.  Once he gets a little wobbly he just sits down in effort not to fall.  He is very hesitant to take his hands off the wall or table that is balancing him.  As a physical therapist I am all about him hiting his milestones right on time, but I know that he will walk when he is ready and I'm okay with that!  Connor loves moving/ cruising all around the house.  Anthony followed him from his nursery in the front of the house, through the living room and kitchen into our bedroom and finally found me in our bathroom in about 2 minutes.  He uses a combination of crawling and walking along walls and furniture to get where he want to go.  We also got Connor a pair of walking shoes this month.  We went to Stride Rite and found out that he needed extra, extra wide shoes that were only avaliable in several styles and only online.  I think he likes wearing them and he looks like such a big boy with them on his fat, little feet!

Eating has been quite a struggle this month.  We decided to substitute nursing/ drinking breast milk during the day with a sippy cup of whole milk.  This has been hard for Connor because he doesn't seem to really like whole milk.  I just keep offering him milk and water and hopefully he will learn to drink both regularly.  I am still nursing him when he wakes up in the morning around 6:30 and right before bedtime around 7.   Connor has also become quite picky when it comes to eatng solid foods.  He knows what he likes and spits out everything else!  Such bad manners!

Connor also got sick for the first time this month.  He has had several low grade fevers over the past year but this time he had a virus and the doctor gave him medication for his cough/congestion.  He absolutely hated it when we squirted the syringe of medicine in his mouth which made the so hard to give him but I know it helped.  This all started on Halloween so we didn't get very many good pictures of Connor dressed up but he was a very cute lion.  We just hung out in our cul-du-sac and handed out candy with our neighbors.

Happy 13 months!