Growing belly

I am really looking pregnant these days!  The other day I was grocery shopping and they were handing out samples of wine and the worker said "would you like to try... oh nevermind!"  I guess I should take that as an clue that I obviously look quite pregnant!


20 weeks on our anniversary trip to downtown Houston 

24 weeks

Baby's heart

On June 6th I went to a fetal heart specialist just to make sure that the baby's heart was looking good. First I had to sit down with a genetic specialist to discuss the possibility of our baby having some type of heart condition. I was told that every couple has about 1% chance of having a baby with a heart defect. Anthony has a 3% chance of fathering a child with a heart defect (it could be any heart defect not just the one he was born with). So 3% seems low that is 3 times more likly than most people. The interesting thing is that they have no idea why these heart defects occur. They think that it is a combination of genetics, exposure to unknown things while in utero and other unknown factors. I absolutely loved the doctor that did the echo/4D ultrasound. The heart looked PERFECT! I saw all the chambers of the heart, blood flow and all the valves. The doctor was impressed with how well she was about to visualize the heart and said that the baby has no major heart defects. She also said that there are some minor ones that do not show up on echo/ultrasound so she recommends the baby to have an echo once it is born. It was seriously amazing to see our little baby so up close and personal. It was moving its arms and legs but kept covering its face as we tried to get a good picture. So maybe this is a indication that we have a shy little one.

This is our baby's side profile at the 20 week ultrasound

This is the 4D picture of the baby's face (honestly I think this picture is a little creepy).