SEVEN months!!!

Connor is seven months old.  I. CAN. NOT. BELIEVE. IT.  How in the world is he growing up so fast?  Although I would really like him to stay a baby forever I am truly enjoying watching him grow and discover the world.  Anthony and I often talk about how neat it is to just watch Connor look at things.  Everything is new to him and he is mesmerised by the smallest things.

He is sitting up on his own and LOVES playing with toys.  He really likes balls but gets a little frustrated when they roll away from him or roll out of his hands.... darn those fine motor skills.  My little roly poly can cover the room pretty quick rolling all around.  I was thinking that he might start crawling soon but now I'm not so sure.  His legs and belly are quite large and I think it will be another couple months before he can move that body :)

This month we began feeding him fruits and veggies.  He has eaten: sweet potatoes, apples, pears, avacados, bananas, and mangos.  I have made all the baby food so far and it really was easy!

Connor has TWO teeth and loves to bite and chew toys.   He doesn't like to show them off so I haven't been able to get a good picture of them.

We had a very busy month.  Anthony raced in a half ironman triathlon in Galveston so we made a weekend trip out of the race and spent a few days down there.  We took Connor swimming for the first time and he got to cheer his dad on in the race.  I took Connor on his first plane ride a few weeks ago. We went to Oklahoma City for a baby shower and to visit family and friends.  I was nervous to fly alone with him but he did great on the flight and only fussed a little when his ears popped.  The best advise I can give to others is to PACK LIGHT on the plane.  I only brought the necessities and it was a breeze through security and on/off the plane.

Here are some pictures from his 7th month!