Connor 11 Months

My baby is eleven months old.  Next month he will be ONE year old.  These days he looks more like a toddler and less like a baby.  I am both sad and excited to accept these facts.

Connor has really grown up this month.  He crawls ALOT!  Sometimes it's his "army crawl" on his belly which gets him across the room quicker and sometimes it's a real crawl on his hand and knees.  He also does a hilarious maneuver where he will crawl then kick his foot under him, spin around, and sit up and then repeat.  Anthony calls it his parkour move.  It is so fun to watch!  Another favorite activity is cruising along furniture or around the coffee table.  He tries to pull up on EVERYTHING and is learning that not everything can hold up his stout 24+ pound body!

He is still a great eater but has become a little picky.  His favorite food include bananas, grapes, beans, butternut squash and cherrioos.  We feed him 3 meals a day of baby food mixed with whatever we are eating for that meal.  He also drinks breast milk 5 times a day.  I have tried to cut back on a feeding but Connor did not like that idea.  I'm starting to get nervous about weaning him from breast feeding next month.  Any words or wisdom or advise would be appriciated!

Connor is talking a lot these days and getting pretty loud!  I could listen to his sweet voice all day long!  He is saying "momma", "dada", "ball" and "dog".  We are also in the process of teaching Connor baby sign language.  He is pretty good at saying "all done" and "more" on occasion.  We are working on "food", "milk", "mommy" and "daddy".

I think he weighs around 24 pounds and seems to constantly be getting taller!  He still has his amazing rolls but is really starting to lean out a little bit.  Hopefully this will help with walking in the next couple months.  He has 5 teeth and is working on a few more.  He still has light brown hair but every once in a while I see hints of red.  His hair is getting long and starting to grow over his ears.

Anthony hung Connor's swing from the pergola in our back yard and Connor absolutely LOVES swinging in it.  Sometimes I will walk to the back door to let Maddie out and Connor will yell and crawl towards the door in hopes of going out to swing!

We took Connor to his first college football game last weekend.  Oklahoma State played Mississippi State at Reliant Stadium here in Houston and we were able to score tickets in a full service suite. 

Happy 11 months my sweet boy!